Translations to various languages of Eastern and Western Europe.

Certification of translations: translated documents may be certified with a company seal or before the notary.

Quality, guarantee and terms: prior to returning the translation to the customer, all the translations are checked twice. Upon the customer’s request, the translation is checked and edited by the editor of the Lithuanian language for an additional fee.
Comments and claims regarding the work accomplished are accepted within 24 hours after the moment the fulfilled order is handed over to the customer.
The term for the completion of works is set taking into account the customer’s requirements, the complexity of the text and possibilities. In each case the term of completion is coordinated with the customer.

Specialisation areas: there are no restrictions. Having received an order, we always consider our possibilities, therefore when accepting the order we acknowledge that the text being translated is comprehensible.

Discounts are offered to orders exceeding 20 pages or on the basis of a separate agreement. The advance payment is mandatory for orders exceeding 20 pages. The amount thereof is agreed upon separately.

Minimum order: half the value of the page of language combination ordered.

Payment conditions: 14 days after the invoice is issued. For regular customers – 30 days or as agreed. Regular customers are issued with one invoice at the end of the month for all the works completed during the current month.

Other services: we also perform layout and printing works.

We will help you simply do your job and pay for the things you expect to receive – the quality acceptable to you for a reasonable price.

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